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Life-Changing Diagnosis Requires Life-Changing Treatment

Powerful infusion therapy treatments, sometimes as infrequently as one or twice a year for only a few hours, can be a game-changer and allow you to get back to living your best life in Westerville, Ohio!

Infusion Center Westerville Ohio

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Multiple Infusion Therapies

Multiple Infusion

We offer the most powerful MS, NMO, and migraine therapies delivered intravenously.

Slowing Disease Progression

Slowing Disease

Our most effective therapies have been shown to effectively slow disease progression.

Fast-Acting Relief


Infusion is fast-acting and gets medication directly into the bloodstream so it can start working right away.

Higher Success Rates

Higher Success

Infusion therapy can improve patient wellness and overall treatment success rate in a host of chronic and acute conditions.

Infusion Care That’s Comforting and Convenient

Dr. Aaron Boster, a world-renowned Multiple Sclerosis neurologist, has been helping his patients lead fuller, happier lives despite MS since 2006. With an impressive collection of accolades and honors to his credit, you can confidently rely on Dr. Boster and his expert team to deliver the unparalleled care you deserve at The Boster Center.

Located approximately eight miles from the heart of Westerville, OH, The Boster Center is conveniently accessible just off the main interstate, I-270. The wait times after arriving are kept short to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Our experienced infusion specialists make your visit as fast, painless, and easy as possible. And we provide infusion therapy care for a variety of conditions.

At the Boster Center for MS, we care deeply about the health and wellness of our patients. When you visit us for infusion therapy care, we ensure you’re comfortable. Relax in your own private suite while looking through large windows and enjoying the serenity of a beautiful Ohio forest. If you choose, you can spend time with our lead emotional support team member, River Tam Boster, a big, loveable mastiff who loves everyone and helps patients relax in our facility. Experience one-on-one support from our friendly, board-certified staff, and don’t stress about payment.

Infusion Care That’s Comforting and Convenient

We have relationships with most of the popular health insurance providers. If yours isn’t part of our network, we will contact them to establish the relationship. When you’re at The Boster Center, you’re part of the family. And family always comes first! Get in touch today for caring, supportive infusion therapy at the Boster Center. It’s well worth the drive.

Feel at Home with Expert MS Infusion Therapy at Boster

Feel at Home with Expert MS Infusion Therapy at Boster

Many of the most effective and powerful MS treatments are administered via intravenous infusion. In addition to personalized and expert neural immunologic care, we offer private and spacious infusion rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful Ohio forest.

Expert infusion nurses shepherd you through your experience.

Family members are welcome to join our patients during infusion therapy sessions. At Boster, we treat you like family.

Powerful Infusions Can Make All the Difference in Your Treatment

We understand that some medical diagnoses are life-changing. We are here to provide you with our expert treatment plans and infusions to help you manage your condition and control the symptoms. Our infusion center offers you the convenience, privacy, comfort, and scheduling flexibility to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Dr. Aaron Boster is a world-renowned Neurology physician specializing in the treatment of multiple sclerosis since 2006.

Dr. Boster has extensive experience as a clinical trial investigator, helping to develop specific therapeutics and novel treatment modalities.

The Boster Center has been open since 2020 and boasts a track record of success in treating neurological ailments.

The Boster Center now provides clinical trial options for our patients.

Powerful Infusions Can Make All the Difference in Your Treatment

Infusion Therapy: A Powerful Tool and a Popular Treatment

Infusion therapy is a powerful tool for getting nourishment and medicine directly into your bloodstream quickly and effectively. No wonder it’s such a popular treatment for a range of chronic and acute ailments:

Neuromyelitis Optical (NMO)

Neuromyelitis Optical (NMO)

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune Disorders

Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis

Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis

A Small Investment of Time for Infusion Therapy Affords You the Luxury of More Time For Yourself

A Small Investment of Time for Infusion Therapy Affords You the Luxury of More Time For Yourself

With our quality infusion therapy delivering medicine directly into the bloodstream, your condition is managed quickly, conveniently, and effectively so you can get on with living your best life.

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Come in for your infusion. We make your treatment convenient, comfortable, and hassle-free.

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The Disease Can Progress

Without effective treatment, your disease can progress. You can continue to be in pain and be at the mercy of frequent relapses.

You need a proactive team to help manage the flare-ups and pain that can become frequent, intense, and overwhelming.

The Disease Can Progress
Start Feeling Better Faster

Start Feeling Better Faster

Whether you need infusion therapy for MS, arthritis, gastrointestinal ailments, or another medical condition requiring an infusion, our treatments have been proven to make you feel better faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an infusion center?

Just as in a hospital, an infusion center is where you can get treatments with medications through an IV. The Boster Center infusion services provide specialized healthcare for individuals who require intravenous (IV) medication as part of their treatment plan. Services may include administering IV medications, hydration therapy, nutritional support, and other treatments that are needed to improve and maintain a patient’s health and wellness.

Patients who seek out infusion service treatments often do so because they need to get intravenous medication that can't be taken another way, like pills. The intravenous medication is put in a bag and then put into an IV, and nurses give the medication to the patient through a needle in their arm.

What are infusions used for?

Infusions are used for conveniently administering intravenous medication into the bloodstream. This type of care is useful because it allows nurses to introduce a large amount of medication directly into the bloodstream quickly, making patient care more effective. Infusions are used for different types of medications, such as fluids, antibiotics, or vitamins, as well as other compound medications designed for specific treatment protocols.

Why would someone have an infusion?

Infusion therapy is often used for patients who need medicine quickly or for patients who can't take medicine by mouth. Infusion is commonplace in hospital settings. It is especially beneficial to patients with chronic conditions like cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as those recovering from surgery or an illness. It's also used when a patient needs a high dose of medicine that wouldn't be safe to take by mouth or wouldn't be absorbed well. The infusion center at Boster helps these patients and their families manage symptoms and improve their overall wellness.

What is infusion therapy used to treat?

Infusion therapy can be used to treat many different types of diseases and conditions in patients, such as cancer, infections, dehydration, migraine headaches, and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The Boster Center’s infusion service is also used by families and patients with Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel disease, lupus, myasthenia gravis, neuromyelitis optica, thyroid disease, and ulcerative colitis.

What are the different types of infusion therapy?

There are a few different types of infusion therapy, like IV therapy, which is when the medicine is injected into a vein, and subcutaneous therapy, which is when the medicine is injected just under the skin. There are also other types of infusion therapies, like intrathecal therapy and epidural injections. To learn more, call the Boster Center office and speak with one of our knowledgeable infusion nurses at (614) 304-3444.

Is infusion therapy like chemotherapy?

Infusion therapy and chemotherapy treatments are similar in that they both involve medications that help to treat diseases. The difference is that chemotherapy is used to treat cancer cells, while infusion therapy is used to help treat other diseases, like autoimmune disorders, infections, and allergies. The medications used in infusion therapy are less powerful than those used in chemotherapy.

Is infusion therapy safe?

Infusion therapy treatments are generally a safe means of treating a disease or an illness, as long as it's done by trained healthcare physicians. However, there can be side effects, so it's important to talk to your physician and nurse if you're considering infusions at an infusion center. Of course, with all medical treatments, risk is involved, and infusion-related reactions or an allergic reaction to the medication can occur. While not commonplace, infusion reactions can appear as irritation at the injection site or manifest as flu-like symptoms such as nausea, headache, swelling, shortness of breath, fatigue, fast heart rate, and body aches.

What are the side effects of an infusion?

The most common side effects associated with infusion therapy treatments include soreness, swelling, or redness at the injection site or feeling lightheaded or dizzy. Some patients may also have an allergic reaction to the medicine or nutrient, so it is important to talk to your doctor before starting infusion therapy at our infusion center.

Are families allowed to accompany the patient during infusion treatments?

Yes! Family members are welcome to accompany the patient during any appointments or treatments they receive at our center; in fact, we encourage family involvement in order to provide supportive care throughout the entire process.

Does your infusion center accept insurance?

Yes, our office accepts many major insurance care companies such as Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CIGNA, Humana, United Healthcare, and more. Please contact us with any questions regarding your specific insurance plan so we can better assist you in finding coverage options that best meet your needs.

How do I find the Boster Center?

The Boster Center is conveniently located at 8000 Ravines Edge Court, Suite 200, in Columbus, Ohio, which is just a short 17-minute drive southwest of Westerville, Ohio. To schedule your infusion care visit, call us at (614) 304-3444 or visit our website at